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Exploring the language of the body& soul 

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 The Conscious Herbalist was founded as a sanctuary of conscious health empowerment.

A sanctuary + school and center of conversation for all those others journeying back to their fullest, conscious embodiment. 


Over the years I have dedicated my practice to un-learning all I was taught about health and re-learning the language of my own body: how it communicates, how it lives, how it heals, and how to listen and respond with care.

The Conscious Herbalist is the architecture through which I now apply these tools in natural health + conscious evolution to guides others down the same journey of re-awakening within the human body.

Through Shadow, Learning and Light we will meet again on the other side


1:1 Health Empowerment Consultations

The Conscious Herbalists bespoke health empowerment consultations seek to nourish the whole human on the physical, mental, and emotional level.


By interlocking alternative + traditional + functional medicine perceptions of health and wellness, I walk alongside you as you navigate the path of learning, unlearning, and fearless self-exploration.


This mentorship program implements herbal medicines, nutrition, lifestyle changes, energetic tuning, and deep transformation within the psyche to address the various manifestations of dis-ease that an individual may be experiencing as a result of imbalance.


Each health empowerment session culminates with a personalized roadmap for the individual to follow going forward.


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Healing through deeper intimacy with self.

The Conscious Herbalists mission is to cultivate an embodied sense of safety & wellbeing.


We are dedicated to forging an accessible pathway towards truly holistic health that operates at the nexus of science + spirit.


By weaving the art of herbal medicine, nutrition, and consciousness therapy, our practice tends to both the physical and energetic body to achieve a truly integrated framework of wellness.

- Never one without the other -


Meet Shannon

It was learning to feel safe again within my body that nourished my menstrual cycle back to health.

It was cultivating that feeling of safety that saw me through to the end of my eating disorders.

And it was herbal and functional medicine that healed my gut. 


It was a life altering journey, experiencing first-hand awareness of how far we have strayed from home, individually and collectively, and to what extent we have forgotten the creative healing power woven within our own bones.


From this journey of healing & awareness sprouted my mission to guide others along their own journey of creating a sanctuary within themselves.


I have been studying the healing power of plants since 2012 and became qualified to offer herbal medicine on a clinical basis in 2018. I am also a lifelong wordsmith and author of “Therapy Through the Conscious Word,” a compilation of poetry and prose crafted to support others through the re-awakening of their intuitive consciousness.


As a fully qualified + highly intuitive herbalist and nutritionist, I offer bespoke 1:1 health empowerment consultations. A combination of herbal medicine, nutritional guidance, lifestyle analysis and energy/ pysche work, these sessions work on the physical, mental and emotional level and offer a truly unique, transformational experience.


Heading home through the body.

Re-learning the language of our bodies. 


Learn with me .. 



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