Flora Stellas is the name of cosmic herbalisms line of astrologically guided botanical potions, deliberately and powerfully concocted in accordance with the ancient tradition of herbal astrology and contemporary herbalism.

The intention of the potions is to aid you on a DNA level in your conscious evolution, however they can also be used in the case of physiological ailments (pop me a message for advise). This is the physical offering of Cosmic Herbalisms continued work of tapping into plant consciousness and wisdom as a tool for our own evolvement.

Astrologically each planetary archetype represents different aspects of the conscious human + the flora associated with the specific planet will deliver POTENT  transformation in this area. For example, Venus is the archetype of relationships and manifestations, weave Flora Stellas Venus potion into a daily ritual to electrify these areas of your life.


Please make sure you understand your intentions for the ingestion of these potions and have a full understanding of the archetypes that you're drawn to working with. Please also read the contraindications for any pre-existing health condition and consult your doctor before use.

Try adding these powders to hot milk for a warming moon milk ritual! Alternatively, add these to your food: soups, porridges, smoothies etc..

There is no correct way of consuming these, however curating a ritual with yourself will nurture potent transformation


Tumeric + Ginger + Ginseng 

A potion for discovery of passion and soul fire. Unlocking the heart to transmute the ribbons of your inner light into the path of your everyday life. Medicine for the manifestation of your highest potential. 

£6 - 30ml jar


Mucuna + Coconut + Chaga

Potion for those who are exploring shadow work / the dark side of their moon / lilith... a tonic for soothing the nerves of those who are finding themselves washed up on the shores of their subconsious with deep running patterns to absolve. Taken before bed, this potion is also powerful for dreamwork + dream-recall.

£6 - 30ml jar


Cacao + Reishi + Rose

A potion for a realisation + welcoming of the unconditional love, bliss and joy of our source. These plants will weave ruby magic around your emotional heart, connect you to divine bliss, electrify and escalate your manifestations and make your heart bubble in delight. 

£6 - 30ml jar


Beetroot + Cayenne + Cinnamon 

This is a potion for willpower + motivation. An excellent morning coffee replacement that will inject motivation and electricity into your pulse to invigorate your day. Especially potent in conjuct with the starting of yang dominant ventures: a new business, a new job, getting fit, morning runs...

£6 - 30ml jar