The Health Empowerment Mentoring 

This mentoring programme was borne from an intimately personal realization that the experiences we have within our ever-changing body, expand far beyond the confines of language, especially medical language. That truthfully, the manifestation of physical illness in the body finds its roots deep in the psyche + soul and that root cause healing will always -at some level- be leveraged in shadow work.

The fundamental concept of the Health Empowerment Mentoring is the understanding of the human as a silent story. That symptoms in the physical are the language of the body; lightouses to the exploration of your soul.

And yet, they are mirrors of each other. The Health Empowerment Mentoring seeks to heal you on the physical (through nutritional, herbal, lifestyle advice) in the same session as exploring the secrets of the soul. The experience is the truest embodiment of 'holistic healing'.

Who is the Mentor?

Above all else I am a forever student of humanity. Always learning + healing from each human I have the honor of working with. Formally I am an anthropologist + herbalist + nutritionist + teacher + health care assistant with qualifications and extensive experience in each of those unique realms.

 Although, what truly 'qualifies' me is my all-encompassing passion for healing + hearing your stories. Coupled with an unwavering desire to discover the crux, the truth, the purest root cause of a dis-ease and what I once believed to be an irrelevant talent at seeing the biggest picture, makes me a 'health sleuth'.


I have extensive experience in the realms of contemporary health care as a county hospital health care assistant and theatre assistant, intimately woven with an anthropological study of the soul + spirit and dappled with my passionate years in the study and application of herbalism, plant medicine and nutrition.


An intuitive. A student of humanity and A healer with one foot in all realms of medicine.  

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Image by Rui  Silvestre
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The plan- what is involved 


We will always begin with a (free, friendly) virtual coffee together where we will get to understand each others stories and will feel into whether we are a good mentor- mentee collaborate.


If we choose to proceed together in this mentorship, then I will send you what I call a 'story intake' where I collect all the relevant information I need as a health coach in the creatively designed format of journal prompts so that you, in reflection, will begin to see your own story unfolding before we even begin.


The sessions are of a highly intuited nature, feeling into your personal goals of transformation, whether you have arrived in this relationship with a desire to explore the depths + roots of a chronic illness, lose weight, gain weight, absolve an acute physical ailment with a psychological exploration as to its specific manifestation, investigate your relationship with food and nutrition...

The 'container' is an offering of 3 sessions, so that we as mentor and mentee will be able to follow a story of transformation. It is up to you when you choose to use them, once a month for 3 months is the suggested container but full flexibility is there.

The direction is always for the fullest + deepest understanding of your shadow in your health. The goals are yours to design with my help if you need it.

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If you are intrigued + intuited in working with me, I would adore to meet you for a friendly coffee via zoom to discuss your interest further... talk soon x