What happens in a 1:1 health empowerment mentoring ?

structure to support recognition of the "new-old"


becoming the architect of your new reality

compassionate seeking of the inner-workings of your old pattern

support in weaving your new reality

Guided by a hybrid of traditional + contemporary medicine systems; we will explore deep below the surface of your health, unravelling and unpicking down to the true root-cause and build a sustainable resolution from here.
We will explore the physical, energetic and emotional levels of your health  with a specific focus on encapsulating and making sense of your entire holistic picture.
Education is KEY to personal power in healing and you will be provided with the tools and information necessary for the foundations of your own health moving forward.
 Your plan could entail herbal medicine, lifestyle changes, functional practices and techniques , recommended resources or nutritional advice.
You will leave with;
 -A comprehensive write up on your health story + blueprint. 

-A health trajectory plan

-A deeper understanding of your constitution, and therefore what lifestyle practises will and will not serve you.

-A herbal medicine plan 

-Answers. Deeper answers. 


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Image by Chelsea shapouri

Who is the mentor ?

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Shannon is a qualified Nutritionist (S.N.H.DIP) and Herbalist (S.N.H.DIP) with a further qualification in anthropology. She holds experience working in trauma theatres and on wards in a county hospital and has always approached this work from a philosophical paradigm borne from a long-held practice in the realms of spirituality and self-help. 

Above all else, Shannon is a story teller : approaching this work of delicately unravelling the physical health as a she would approach the protocol of unravelling a story... What is the archetypal pattern here? What is this persons characteristic blueprint? Their constitution and pattern? What stories is their body singing that may lie beyond their periphery?...

Today Shannon finds herself as a nexus of several beautiful schools of thought (including TCM, ayurveda, iridology, traditional herbalism, shamanism...) that have created a truly profound understanding of the human being as a physical and spiritual experience.


Shannon stands for education, root cause medicine, the biggest picture and honesty. She will always endeavor to provide you with your own vast spectrum of tools and knowledge. 

So, lets talk...

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So look forward to speaking!