an ode to: CONNECTION

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

I am wondering about connection; about how we are losing touch with objective reality. The contemporary human in an illusionary bubble of complexity, so hazardously stratified that we, the stratifiers, cannot even make sense of what we have created around us.

Firstly, it makes me feel less than myself. More like my shadow.

My shadow is more me than I am

Have you ever felt less than yourself?

On the days where photons

Cannot pass

I see more of me

In the gap on the grass;

Etching my body

Tracing me softly

But missing every detail,

Than the me

Horizontal to the ground

With flesh, features

And purposeful bound.

Secondly, It makes me feel despaired, at the wonderful things that float around in my bubble that I think I own, but never truly can.

Beauty asked for a flower to be uprooted

Will we ever learn we cannot own what we love otherwise it becomes a reflection of only ourselves?

Did we not learn

From the butterflies

Whose fragile wings we succumb to touch

That freedom falls

When we want too much?

So look again

At the snapped head and stem

In the dust

And tell me

Love does not crumble in lust.

I'm not sure what this is about, actually, but I hope it inspires wonder.

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