CORNFLOWER - sapphire eyes

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

ENERGY: cold, moist, outward, uplifting

MEDICINE FOR: what needs clarity and vision through softening and moistening. What needs opening up.

SUCH AS: varicose veins or eye sores.

Lanceolate and glowing lapis in the wildflower meadow: here is a sapphire eye, unfolding and intent on earth's wrapping skies. A watchful blue iris of the field focused on the heavens, focused on the heavens, focused on the upward, tempting heavens.

'Centaurea Cyanus' was the name given to cornflower in recognition of the centaur Chiron's work on the battlefields of ancient Greece. Chiron taught humanity of nature's medicines; a mythological herbalist, and it was cornflower he legendarily turned to in the healing of wounds. In following cornflowers trail of history; medieval herbalists turned to cornflower for the healing of bruises and veins: unsurprisingly given its deep cyanide effervescence; as though rich veins themselves were the makeup of its flower, and thick sturdy stems that resemble our own veination. Yet further in history; in ancient Egypt, tutenkhamun was ordained and buried in garlands of these sapphire-eyes, and they were found still glowing with their blue upon opening the tomb in 1922. It is surely certain that these flowers are the archetype of higher knowledge + higher seeing + the secrets of the heavens it is so intent upon...

Cornflowers eye-opening, side-widening energy is resembling of possibly its most known medicine; as eye-wash. The French honored cornflower as the 'casse de lunettes' - broken glasses- like shards of broken glasses freckled over the land, like breadcrumbs to better sight [on earth + through spirit]. Perhaps it is poetry that the most ancient use of cornflower as the vision enhancer rings true in the science: high levels of folate being found in its DNA (folate essential for sight + the optic nerve function) or perhaps this is a medical intuition we have lost and now romance.

Either way, it is undeniable that cornflower is V I S I O N; a botanical third eye; a sapphire skies expansion and omnipresent sight encapsulated in a single flower head.

Who might benefit from Cornflower medicine?

This would be a human who is maybe not quite seeing the fullest of the picture. Someone whose eyes are tight and downward in the physical body and metaphorical langauge. Someone who is stuck within a bruised tunnel vision, unable to warren their way to new horizons.

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