Do not follow your truth

Updated: Oct 2, 2021

Do not follow your truth blindly

Follow your truth

People hang those words up in their gospels like washing on the line,

They say;

follow your truth

Like they are sure of the truth in that. They say

Follow your truth

As though it is simple; like hanging washing up on the line, like taking it in again when it is dry,

But follow your truth is loose and lazy advice on its own; I am sure if the sentence was given a chance to speak for itself amongst all the times it is blindly thrown, it would end itself with something like;

Follow your truth, as long as you know what truth is,

Right? you see truth is not the leader that we are used to: it is far less reliable and far more pliable,

truth is not a lot of things that we think it is; like linear, like easy, like predictable, like singular, like individual… and following? Let us not pretend that us humans do not have an innate default of following blind, whatever it is that is easiest for our mind;

I guess what I am saying is; don’t be a kowtow to your truth. Question it, find out if it is still who it used to be, over and over and over, you see;

I followed my truth for a while, quite blissfully, quite…

monogamously, until it faltered, fizzled and faded, and then I was quite lost. Next-step sight jaded;

Quite sure that the only way forward was backward into the frame of truth that had landed me here.

No one had told me that truth changed, and rapidly so. No one had told me that overnight, truth could shapeshift into a truth that directly sabotaged my truth of yesterday, no one told me it looked different everyday. No one had told me that truth was not something I necessarily actively followed so much as sat back and watched as it followed through me…

No one tells these things, because they don’t really know what they mean when they say to follow your truth or what that brings, and so I want to tell you all that,

To ‘follow your truth’ invariably requires you to get to know the nature of truth, like a sailor would not blindly follow the ocean, but acquaint himself with the wishes and whims of her ways.

Truth is never always stays. Characteristically, truth is the ocean too; slippery and ineffable. Both graspable and ever-loosening.

It is true (I guess) that once you define a thing like truth, it becomes exactly that;

defined by you,

and that is all it ever will be, that is all you ever need to know about truth; it will move with your eyes, it will change with the skies.

Anyway, the point of this is to say that the current truth I have found myself in is that it is vital, absolutely critical that we reframe what ‘finding ones truth’ has come to mean;

Finding truth is the e n t i r e journey of life! It is not a destination that is ever reached; quit these noble quests for unearthing inner truth; you have been inevitably wound up in its search since your first breath on earth.

There will never be an electrifying moment where you realize your inner truth, sorry, it will only shift again soon; it is impossible for you to be here for one truth…imagine what the universe would say to you- a fragment of infinity itself- if it heard you held such tiny thoughts as ‘one’.

So, in as many words as one; Trust more in what you do not know than in what you do,

Question your truth, and Start each day as someone wholly new.

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