Elder, our Elders, and a time for wisdom.

Updated: May 10, 2020

At the time of the writing of this post, the collective consciousness is in a state of fragility, fear and fable. We feel young and vulnerable to the whims and ways of this earth, we are desperately calling on wisdom in a world where that is rare and we are young. A viral pandemic on an unprecedented scale and as a response we truly see people exuding love and compassion on a local and global scale; offerings of help, guidance, community and a virtual hand held, for we are all suffering from shock. In the tailing aftermath of constant ,unsolicited bad news and the delegation of fear as our imposed leader, every single one of us is searching for a twist. This is surely the part where the plot twist enters, we are saved or we are taught, or something surely other than this never-ending anxiety. As it seems not to be appearing in reality, humans themselves are weaving twists into the collective story, there is wisdom here. Some recent beacons;

- That this is the earths innate calibrating abilities. We have dessimated the environment, we know that, and for a while it seemed as if we had pushed mother earth past the point of equilibrium, but she is our elder and she is wiser than we know. This viral pandemic has certainly seen the earth returning, if briefly, to a cleaner state; lower emmissions, cleaner water, less trash. Mother earth knows what to do to heal herself.

-That this is a time of forced collective healing. It is without a shadow of a doubt true that the circumstances of this pandemic have surfaced many core wounds, un-tempered emotions and un-realised elements of self in nearly everyone who has had their routine rocked. The instructions to "Go inside and stay inside until everything is healed" can certainly be taken as a metaphorical wisdom. Self-isolation Is forcing people to spend time with themselves and more importantly; their unhealed selves. Let the fear and the wounds surface, this is time to do some deep healing.

-That the earth lungs have been damaged and there is now a viral RESPIRATORY pandemic. Coincidence? I don't think so. As mentioned before, the earth is a self-regulatory system and more importantly, we are intrinsically and inescapably linked to her. Last year we saw an unprecedented amount of loss to our earths lungs; the rainforest and now we are suffering with breath. The earth cannot breathe and neither can we. Think, for a second, how similar our lungs look to the trees around us. And now think how similar the function of them is, it is not a coincidence I assure you.

In the face of our search for wisdom, I have been feeling a deep pull to the elder flower recently. I am not surprised, for she is called an elder for a reason.

The elderberry, a magical, elegant and wise plant whose flowers remind me of fairy dust, or, for the less esoteric among us; snowflakes or raindrops. A plant that exudes wise wonderings and strength in grounding, we can rely on her as we might find ourselves falling back on the hands of our elders in times of struggle. There is no mistake in the name of this herb; she is an elder to us by all accounts.

The elder flower has been a constant in most peoples lives, country-grown or not. Elderflower cordial is a supermarket occurrence, as is elderberry wine and elderberry elixir as a medicine cabinet favourite. It seems that elder is truly reminiscent of ancient wisdom, buried understanding and a subtle hand on the back, she reminds me of a background hum, whatever that hum is that makes you feel safe; a mothers humming voice, a steady stream of traffic, the steadying movement of trees.

Medicinal uses of the elder include:

Interestingly to me, the elderberry is used most commonly in the prevention of viral infection. A traditional European flu and cold remedy. Look at where we are at now, perhaps we should be compulsorily distributing elder. I can't help but try to connect the elders ability to fight viral infection and its innate link to higher wisdom and the current state of the world today..

Fantasy and cultural uses of the elder;

Do you remember the name of the most powerful wand in Harry potter? The elder wand, for good reason I would assume, in traditional folklore the Elder has been associated with higher knowledge and deep wisdom. To fall asleep under an elder tree would supposedly bring about an entrance into the higher realms of gods, goddesses and elder spirits whether one was ready for that experience or not.

To come full circle and to fully highlight the message of this post, I would like to suggest that when reaching for the dear elder in the act of viral prevention, we may consider the wisdom we are also reaching for. May we acknowledge the fabric that ties our desire for a wisdom so much more stable than our current young selves and the desire for viral prevention herbs such as the elder. This too shall pass, stay strong, stay wise

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