The bit before the herbal medicine

Updated: Jun 14

Herbs require a certain level of conscious groundwork.

Plants are medicinal + miraculous but they are not miracles. They help, they do not force. As the natural law of the land always goes; things do not truly change unless there is conscious will + intention, any change seen through sheer force is peripheral, impermanent and illusory.

And so it goes in herbal medicine too; we cannot simply take the herbs and expect the change as we can do with pharmaceuticals, we almost have to SHOW the herb what change and what direction we desire. And then- oh then- we see magic.

Often it is slippery + tempting to slide over into herbal medicine as a 'nicer' alternative to pharmaceuticals : to approach a new thing with an old perspective, as we so often do with other elements of our lives [new relationships that feel like the one just past, new diets with the same goals, same thing - different day].

But herbal medicine is not just alternative medicine, it is alternative perspective: an entire alternative approach. And perspective is the real medicine, perspective is the catalyst of change.


And so, we see that we cannot simply 'take herbal medicine', we must create an environment in which we are working WITH the medicine; inducing and directly asking for conscious change through our actions and intentions.

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Below is a small compendium of all the steps we need to take to create a solid, intentional foundation for the magic of herbal medicine to elicit change

•STRESS • Make a conscious effort to reduce stressors or alter your perception of stress. The body simply cannot + does not heal in states of stress. True; certain herbs do support you in releasing stress, but you need to be the one RELEASING.

•CLARITY. Get clear on your direction. Like anything in life, a clear vision / sense of what you are taking action FOR is paramount to the action being beneficial. Define what your health goals are and what you wish this herb to help you with. Unclear direction feeds unclear results.

•SELF-CARE. Take care of yourself: really. Wash yourself, Move yourself, Hydrate yourself, Eat well for your body type, Keep good oral hygeine [ The oral microbiome is the gateway to gut and the root of our gut health], Talk sweetly with yourself, take time for yourself... The herbs can't take care of your body for you: but they will sky-rocket the work you are doing already.

Consider taking herbal medicine as an act of catalyzation, not an act of force. Pharmaceuticals are brute force [and occasionally, of course, necessary + life-saving like in a heart attack or poisoning], herbal medicines are catalysts of fundamental change.

Solid groundwork and a firm terrain, will elevate the work of the herbs in your body.

To begin curating a solid groundwork, explore our free PDF 'groundwork protocol'

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