how your creativity is altered by ketosis

Updated: Jun 19

It's 2 hours before your deadline and your ability to think has sunk, your creativity is a black hole and there seems to be only the same, ever repeating ideas scarring your mind.

You are probably, unfortunately, unaware that your diet is a key factor in your creative thinking struggles, and that CREATIVITY is one of our greatest reflections of health.

Now, science is linking diet and creativity through the state of ketosis.

If you are eager to see the light from your creative mind spark up again, and keen too, to re-define your health, then let me show you exactly how to do both...

creativity is improved by ketosis

So, how do we define creativity?

Creativity is the force behind everything that exists, it is the power behind birth and the life before death.

All life, humans included, hold the creative power of the universe within them, and there are many secret ways to access this flourishing state of the creative mind.

Where does creativity come from?

This spring-coil of creativity is said to reside within the sacral chakra, the belly button, the portal through which the umbilicus that sustains life, resides. An area so neatly, and with such perfect design, anatomically aligned with the gut. Creativity pours out from our gut health, and is so intrinsically linked with our diet.

Now, remember that thick set fog over your mind? Remember that feeling of stale creativity?

The environment of the gut is inseparable from, and intrinsically linked with, the environment of our creative sacral.

This is, afterall, where the term "gut instinct" is derived; the center of our listening power. The creative sacral is how we listen to the rest of creation. The sacral is the seat of our digestion and the seat of our creation.

So, could it be your diet that dulled your creative mind?

Quite possibly.

By observing the state of our creative life, we may know the state of our mind. By observing the state of our mind, we may know the state of our body;

So, how we do we use diet to become more creative?

Ketosis is a mirrored fasting state in which the body runs out of glucose for fuel and turns to energy reserves called ketones which are synthesised in the liver from the break down of fats.

Ketones are slow-burning energy from fat, where glucose is fast-burning energy from carbohydrates.

When our body switches to burning ketones over glucose to continue functioning, profound biological alterations occur. These alterations are linked with longevity, vitality and creativity.

We switch neurological realities when we switch the fuel that our body burns to function.

there are other ways we can approach diet to alter the state and perception of our reality. Blood sugar regulation and glucose control is directly link with the state of our nervous system- the way we see the world- and intimate with the state of ketosis. If you are interested in learning more about this state-altering dietary practice, explore our article here

How is ketosis used for health, vitality and creativity

The state of ketosis in the body is quite incredible.

Ketosis was once used in medicine as a treatment for epilepsy + seizures. It is now used most often as a diet to aid in weight loss. Ketosis state is often induced by fasting, severe carbohydrate restriction [since this is the precursor to glucose] and intense exercise [since this uses glucose]. Today it is used by athletes, artists and entrepreneurs alike for the resulting state of sincere psychological and creative excellency.

creativity and diet are linked

Ketosis has been shown to halt disease pathologies including:

  • Alzheimers [Alzheimer's is referred to as type 3 diabetes owing to its unavoidable correlation to insulin. In ketosis we burn ketones which are the opposing mechanisms to burning insulin]

  • Dementia [another disease with roots in insulin sensitivity]

  • Seizures

  • Simply blowing the cobwebs of brain fog, poor focus, poor creativity etc ...

The blood-brain connection is profoundly observable. Our blood quality IS our brain quality, since it is the river water flowing through the soil, it touches and feeds EVERYTHING. Altering the state of our blood quality, alters the state of our reality. This means that by tending to the health of our body, we tend to the health of our creativity.

Those who follow a Keto diet is the rocketing states of creative focus: it is no wonder, really. The way that the brain cells process ketones Vs glucose is quicker- sharper- easier and leaves an abundance of energy for a fertile creative terrain.

what other benefits does ketosis have ?

When our body burns ketones as fuel over glucose, the function of molecules in our body improves. These include:

  • glutamate - a neurotransmitter integral to optimal brain function

  • GABA ratio - low levels of this neurotransmitter have been linked to anxiety & depression

  • Brain derived neurotrophic factor - promoting maturation & health of brain cells

  • mitochondrial biogenesis - a process of healthy mitochondrial replication. The mitochondria are the most vital elements to cell health & function

Each of these factors contribute to more efficient cognition, more open creative states and a clearer mind.


Creativity comes from our gut. Contrary to the popular belief that creativity is purely a cognitive process, a large amount of our ability to access more powerful cognition is rooted in the health of our gut and is impacted by our diet. Ketosis is one state used by entrepreneurs, artists and influential people alike to access these states.

Here is an article exploring CREATIVTY, ENTREPENEURSHIP & KETOSIS for those intrigued in the topic.

Applying this to your life

If you feel you are ready to take this deeper, and explore the true depths of your limitless creative and cognitive brilliance, why not book in for a consultation?

Together we will cultivate a a roadmap in re-discovering your ultimate state of health, we will explore the herbs, diet, natural health and conscious practices best suited to you as an individual.

I will see you there,

The Conscious Herbalist (Dip)

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