MULLEIN : rising breath

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

ENERGY: cold, moist, bitter, pungent, opening, expansive

MEDICINE: for the human who has short, tight, dry breath that creates an atmosphere of life that is short, tight and dry.

have you seen your mist-breath hovering on the static January air? Do you watch it dissipate- emanating from deep within your lungs and folding inwards into the atmosphere- and realize that the breath + the air within it is the passage unto the unseen realms? Mullein does...

unfolding continually in soft green ears, large and passively dominating, mullein enjoys expansion. It's bright candle stick flowers up to 8ft towards the clouds, tell a story of reaching, reaching deeper + further into the unseen. The stalks were dipped in fat in Rome and held alight to lead funerary processions, they have likewise been used as candles to light the way to the ancestors. In magic, mullein stands for spell binding prophetic dreams + astral travel.

In healing, unsurprisingly, mullein is a medicine for the breath. As described by Matthew wood "opening the lungs to reduce tightness" and moving energy "from lungs to head". [From breath into the astral]. Another aspect of this is mulleins work with the water ways of the body "as an emollient to bring water to cold hard places" and "inside of dried out tissue"...thus creating expansion...mullein is unfolding growth.

Cool. Moist. Bitter. Pungent. With a taste akin to salted vanilla. This is the blueprint of a medicine designed to send you to the ethers on your next d e e p inhale. Mullein is medicine for the bronchiole primarily yet can also be called upon for neuralgia + pain + spasms.

B r e a t h e with a tea of her huge leaves + surrender to experiencing the plane beyond this one where your winter breath resides...

Who would benefit from mullein medicine?

Certainly the tight of air; the strung lungs, the short breathing and closed-headed because of such de-oxygenation. Someone whose dream-scape is missing from their reality, their mind is simply tight as a result of their lungs. Perhaps they are closed off to a higher reality? Perhaps they are nervous system scared, trauma response circuited? It is a human who is dry and tight and air-lost.

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