My most arcane secret

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

What is your biggest secret?...

Ok, I know we barely know each other, but tell me. I will not tell anyone, I promise. In-fact if it helps, I will tell you mine first.

Warning: in the following confession you might find fragments of a secret you did not know you had.

This is big; my secret is huge, arguably infinite in-fact, arguably beyond myself. It is cavernous and cryptic and quite undeniably complicated. Mine is a person, who is a mystery unto themselves, really, a person of slippery illusive mannerisms and due to change with the winds. Mine is a person who I love dearly but of who I do not know much about. Mine is a forever untold, forever unfolding and a forever foreign landscape…

Mine is me. My biggest secret is myself.

I understand that this will always be the case. You see, I feel the palace of the human psyche and the universe that birthed it might collapse inwards without these pockets of mystery inside. If we knew all that there was to know about ourselves, there would be no dark corners or shadows to uphold the constructs of our identity. You see? If we knew all of ourselves, there would be nothing left to get to know, and the human race would become the human stationary; no more growing, no more exploring, no more hoping, no more dreaming, no more creating, for these are all just shards of the things we do when we know there is more to us than meets our eyes.

What was your biggest secret again?

It seems we have secrets of our own selves stitched into the interstitial space of our human structure; like bones, like pillars under a temple, they are necessary. The human is a curious creature and secrets are what drives curiosity. Curiosity is the momentum of the future; curiosity is what has driven human history through time. Curiosity is forward motion and secrets are the incentive; the carrot on the stick ,let us say, to exploring our cavernous mysteries.

I guess this makes us archaeologists of the future, delicately brushing away dusted layers of our selves over and over as we unfold into the next stage of prodigious ‘us’. I suppose this makes us detectives of a forever unknown, our own forever unknown.

Pressing a thumb on to who I went to bed as today and who I will wake up as tomorrow, is seemingly slippery and arcane, something I hide from myself quite well. And, I would go so far as to say that this is your most momentous secret too. Go on, could you equivalate the secret of you, of all the things you have been and will be, with anything else?...

So, curious stranger, my biggest secret is myself. I barely know you, but I also barely know me, and I am absolutely ok with that. Actually, I am enthralled. Your turn.

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