POPPY - rubies + blood

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

ENERGY: cold, dry, relaxing, downward, inward

MEDICINE FOR: what needs dragging downward, inward and relaxing. The unexamined shadow life

SUCH AS: a hyperactive + insomniac mind, anxiety, the too-sunny

A Scarlet silk thin veil that runs in the wind between the heavens and the underworld: the place where humans dance and come to experience fragments of both life + death with no fission.

As a sleeping red paper taken easily with the breeze: poppy calls our names in the same breath as death, blood and other fragilities of a life that we believe is so certain, so that, seduced like a soldier by the beauty of it all, we overtly CHOOSE to face the disheveling facts of our own immortality. Poppy is the whisper underneath the wind, calling us to our darker natures; our shadows.

The Assyrians named poppy 'daughter of the fields' and "the giver of blood to the soil and grains." Imaginings of scarlet drops leaking over the horizon, nourishing the harvest like a broken capillary bed.

The Sumerians named poppy 'hul gil' meaning "the plant of joy." And what comes from the healing + sealing of our dark wounds? Joy. Gracious, spring joy. Vitality from seutering what we would have otherwise ignored.

The Greeks offered poppy as the symbol of Nyx, Hypnos and Morpheus: Night, sleep and dreams. Poppies permeation across cultures into the slip-stream of night, and her desire for us to swim in the water with her, is abound.

Peering deep into the onyx pod center is rumored to hypnotize one into sleep and was used in ancient mesopotamia as an insomnia remedy. Again, the downward pull toward the under-aspects of life; sleep, death, coma, shadow, healing.

Who would benefit of Poppy medicine?

Poppy is a persona who is cold, dry and relaxing when ingested [much like the black blanket of night itself]. In medicine the petals would be indicated in a tea for pain relief, sleeping, relaxing and expelling mildly set coughs. The common poppy is essentially the diluted actions of the opium poppy.

One who might revel + thrive in the nature of Poppy medicine would resemble the archetype of;

Poor sleep owing to hot, overstimulation; anxiety or rumination, physical activity or restlessness. A highly solar fueled, over-reaching, over-acheiving, over-pushing mind scape; like a sun too close to earth so that night never quite settles. This person would resemble the terrain of a persisting desert, horizonless and permanent sunshine - daytime. They would be hot and dry and sunny and bright but with an under-current of fatigue, an ignorance of their slow, low, under-life; an un-examined shadow. This person might consider taking poppy tea or overnight infusion as a friend, with the intention of slowing down, softening up and sleeping more. With the intention of crying a little, and swimming in their shadow-y rivers and ravines.


Everything, from the feathered tooth leaves, to the blood stained paper petals and the popping pillow pod with a radiating halo, speaks of sleep and death and the history that cloaks this character Speaks loud and clear of what medicine is being offered.

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