The un-healed healing the un-healed

Updated: Jun 14

To all of the healers ,of any identification, who have ever felt that their practice is somehow hindered or faulted or judged unworthy by their own journey of healing: we need your medicine. Wherever you are at, we still need your medicine.

I would like to suggest that those in the service of health + wellbeing be open about sharing their own continued + present difficulties with health and with life, whilst STILL being respected as offering sound and valuable advice: we cannot always heal ourselves, there should be no shame here.

Our unfinished + ever unfolding journey of healing, of finding a core of answers to our own mal-ease should bare NO correlation with our ability to help another with their journey. Because ultimately, this is what it all is: an ever unfolding journey that, in the continual depths of its unfolding, allows us integrity of knowledge to share. From within the experience of our own 'illness' and healing, comes the medicine we offer others...

I would go against anyone who says one can only heal another when one has reached optimal health within themselves: what the hell even is a concept like 'optimal health' in a reality that n e v e r [by law of infinity] reaches an optimum. Please, just start practising your art now, with the open and universally shared honesty that you have not found the exact spot that has worked for you yet; this does not mean you cannot share what you have learned along the way.

::You can have health problems AND help others to their health::

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