A vignette of GRATITUDE

Updated: May 10, 2020

It feels like a mothers hand pulling you to the earth and a warm bath in the pit of your stomach. It looks like a pink flower blooming in the hand that offers you all you need, and like the trees reaching to the sky with love, from love for themselves.

It sounds like yes and no and I love you and goodbye.

It tastes like the iron of your own blood and the salt in your saliva.

Gratitude. It is universal. It is in every event and every time, it Is exactly where you look for it.

It comes, spilling and spreading from your heart, a nourishing life-giving warmth emanating from your core self to the core of the earth and realised in the connection between your feelings and this abstract thing, this thing you are grateful for.

Today I find gratitude in;

{ opportunities and the way they hide until you look for them

{ laughter and its infectious, golden quality

{ freedom and its capacity to manifest creativity

{ education and its universal way of connecting

{ pineapple juice and its sweet fulfilling taste

It is not exhaustive though, gratitude, in-fact possibly it is one way we can get our heads around the notion of infinite. It does not fade, or dissipate, it does not depend or wait, it does not end.

It is on the intonation of the birds chorus in the background of a blushing dawn.

It is in the glint of copper catching the light on the abandoned pound coin on the pavement.

It is in the open path that invites you to create this life how you want it and it is reflected in your eyes, from mine and in my eyes from your.

Take a breath of time after every angry, irritated, exasperated or fed-up sigh and flip the feeling. What can I be grateful for here? Can I be grateful that this annoying problem is a hurdle on the path to what I want or that this exhausting day has taught me the limits of my will, created boundaries? Is it that the only thing you feel like being grateful for right now is the sun? Or the fact that you're headed home?

As my favourite herbalist has quoted "Gratitude flips the switch on stress" it causes a biological, neurological reaction that works antagonistically to the stress system. Parasympathetic Vs Sympathetic.

When we never feel gratitude for the simplest things in our loves, we are creating a reality for ourselves that is shrouded in anger and irritation. This links to the basics of manifestation. Manifestation works through a system in the body called the reticulary activating system that is the part of the brain that filters your reality. Whatever you believe, your brain will look for in the outward world, think about how when you have had a bad day, how it started with one thing that made you believe it was going to be "one of those days". Now consider this impact on your life. Consider what bypassing gratitude to focus on the annoying things is bringing into your life.




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