GINSENG: Panax Ginseng, the root king whose name is derived from the Greek “panacea” meaning “heal all”. This root is considered to embody a warming, stimulating, invigorating energy, essentially a mirror to the soul itself; the ancients saw the shape of the root as being similar to the shape of man himself and thus in accordance with the doctrine of signatures they understood its potency in the healing of all man’s ailments, in fact in traditional Chinese medicine, Ginseng is called “Ren Shen” meaning “the crystallisation of the earths essence in the form of a man”. On a physiological level this root is a potent tonic for physical endurance, masculine fertility, and dispelling fatigue. It is a deeply nourishing alterative [blood cleanser] to the entirety of the physical body and when we consider the association of the sun with the blood, this is no mystery. Its physiological properties have earned it a reputation as a potent adaptogen. On a spiritual level, Ginseng root is considered a friendly and helpful entity; the amalgamation of alchemical earth + fire + water and a potential candidate for the elixir of life -longevity potion. This is a root of endurance + life force [jing] nourishment, the root of humanity trussed in an embodiment of mans red fire; the flame of the sun and its blueprint of the soul within us. (Do not consume if you are pregnant or have hypotension or inflammation in the body).




TUMERIC: In the past few years, the medicinal benefits of ancient turmeric have been bought bold and bright to mainstream headlines, with the recognition of its magic in the forefront of most people’s consciousness. As a medicine, “the golden root” first emerged in 500BC in Asia as natural inflammation modulation and pain relief, stirred into teas and milks to ingest to douse internal fire .As a rhizome, it is spiritually symbolic of the root chakra and the solar plexus and thus stability, grounding and support; consider turmeric to be like the consistent care of a wise grandmothers palm.




GINGER: In medicinal use, ginger holds a definite affinity for the fire of the belly, we all intuitively know its remedial hand to poor digestion and digestive grumbles, tradition and folk healing has ingrained a lot of gingers medicinal action within our common knowledge. As with all plant medicines, their aid expands way beyond the physiological, the reason that ginger helps our stomach and digestion so much is that it is a root of the sun, carer of the solar plexus (located by the stomach), with a mission upon earth to bring the inner fire/ soul -stored in the stomach- to life and expansion. We all know the butterflies in the stomach bourn of self-doubt and fear: well the path of the sun is to remind us of our inner fire, and ginger is the sun on earth tending to the stomach butterflies that make us forget our self-empowerment, ginger is also a root and thus works to ground this realization into our very being. Ginger is hot, stimulating and firey (a spice), igniting our inner fire like a dragon’s belly on an observable physiological and energetic level.

Please consult your doctor before taking, this is not intended as a medicinal product however ginseng is contraindicated for certain conditions.