What can I expect from a seasonal alchemists workbook?

Transformation. The intentions of these pages is to ignite the subtle flame in your heart; the spark of knowing that the botanical kingdom has a wealth of wisdom + guidance bursting to guide you through the uncertainties you're facing. You can expect ,therefore, to be taken by the hand and led gently through rituals, practices, meditations, lessons and sessions that will push you deep into the archetype that season is asking you to explore.

Exact contents will vary each month depending on the dictations of the featured plants, but it will always be profound, personal and  self-work based.


When should I invest in one?

Due to the archetypal and cosmic nature of the contents, these workbooks will be profound for those who know their astrological placements are highly triggered that month. They make excellent practice for shadow work and self-knowledge. They also make beautiful birthday gifts. Ultimatley, if you are feeling drawn into yourself and being asked to explore your reality more than usual this month, then this is for you.


~ A potent alchemical offering to yourself. ~

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